Laguna Honda Trails Closed

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The Department of Public Health, who manages the Laguna Honda Hospital, has closed the Laguna Honda Community Trail System due to the coronavirus pandemic. They need to protect the staff and residents of the hospital. They have asked SFUR to help them spread the word of the closure.

Laguna Honda has been a great partner. We agree that these measures, unfortunately, are necessary for the health of the hospital’s staff and residents, and want to encourage the cycling community to respect the trail closures.

Our organization has recently been awarded Community Challenge Grant funding for Phase 3, which is ready to go once this health situation clears. Cyclists not abiding by this trail closure request will jeopardize further trail development and all future mountain bike access. The trails are closed to all users but cyclists have more to lose and our community knows that. Thank you for your understanding.

We strongly urge you to be responsible and respect the posted trail closures. The Laguna Honda facility provides services for people in the high-risk category. It is our obligation as stewards of the project and members of the community to do what is in the best interests of the hospital community.

This restriction started 3/23/2020 and could be in place for a while so your cooperation and respect is much appreciated!

Edit: trails are now open as of 4/24/2021!