SFUR Leadership

What do we do?

  • Build partnerships and advocacy strategy
  • Organize rides and events
  • Develop the website and outreach

The Committee

Matthew Blain

Matthew is Chair of the SF Urban Riders. He’s lived in the Bay Area for over a decade, and grew up riding bikes in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley. Matthew has been interested in bicycle advocacy for many years and became part of the SF Urban Riders leadership team in 2015.

Nick Birth

Nick is a water resources engineer, and is interested in projects where cycling, conservation, and water overlap.

Rob Peters

Rob is Secretary of SF Urban Riders. Yet another Bay Area techie who likes smashing on single speeds. In the past Robert was active with San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, SF Bike Party and founded the Startup Bike SF Meetup. These days he’s always looking to organize another trail day and making access to nature in SF a little easier.

Sasha Magee

Sasha Magee rides bikes, works for the government, and has lived in San Francisco
for more than twenty years.

Eric Strempke

Eric started working with SFUR in 2016 and quickly got hooked on seeing the potential to nurture great Urban trails. He likes shoveling, planting, and sweet turns.

Dale Low

Dale is Treasurer of SF Urban Riders. He is a road and mountain biker who loves exploring the City’s hills, roads, and trails on two wheels and wants to encourage others to do the same.


Yes, we have open spots for you to fill! We typically meet on the second Thursday of the month, and you are invited to attend and learn more. Look at our Upcoming Events list to find the exact time and place.

SF Urban Riders is is a project of the San Francisco Parks Alliance, a 501(c)(3) organization.