New Leadership announcement

An announcement from Dan Schneider:

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I write this announcement to all SFUR members and the San Francisco community at large.

As of March 30, 2021 I have stepped away from a leadership role with SF Urban Riders and leaving it in the capable hands of the newly elected leadership team. The team moving forward consists of longtime leadership team members Matthew Blain, Nick Bear, Robert Peters, and Sasha Magee, as well as new members Eric Strempke and Dale Low, who will bring new energy and perspective.

My commitment to SFUR and its mission to create more off road bicycle opportunities in San Francisco started in 2008 as a founding member that believed in the simple concept of delivering off road cycling advocates and trail volunteers to projects on Mount Sutro and McLaren Park. It would not have been possible without a passionate team of co-founders and leadership team members stepping up at the right time with the right effort. Looking back over the past 12 years since the journey began, SFUR has played a significant role in creating urban trail opportunities for cyclists including the ongoing support of the aforementioned Mount Sutro trail system, initiating the McLaren Bike Park project, and ultimately establishing a relationship with city agencies to take lead on the Laguna Honda Community Trail System. In the early days SFUR even produced some ground breaking events like Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (2010-2013), and the McLaren Short Track Challenge (2013-2014) which clearly highlighted the community support and need for off road cycling and opened doors to which has led to where we are today.

I am going out on a high note having been a part of the Laguna Honda trail design team and having the honor to lead the volunteer efforts to unlock the potential of such an incredible urban open space. I leave with the first three phases of this project in place but knowing that is just the beginning. Many great ideas keep percolating forward to enhance the open space and user experience which will be prioritized and pursued by the SFUR leadership team. I look forward to visiting and following the effort forward.

Right now Laguna Honda is ‘the bomb’ and deservedly so, but what does the future hold? SFUR has recently pushed a pilot trail program in Golden Gate Park, and are also involved in the Open the Watershed discussion for trails in the Pilarcitos Watershed so there’s still much opportunity at hand. It is my hope that the best is yet to come!


Daniel Schneider
Founder of SF Urban Riders

Thank you Dan for over a decade of leadership in founding SF Urban Riders!