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SFUR members Tom Borden, Alex Carrol, Andy Beach and Jason Biteng proudly pose with a new switchback

SF Urban Riders most important contribution is providing volunteer effort to improve our recreational trails and revitalize neglected open space. We believe  land management policies that encourage a healthy combination of recreation and restoration is what brings community together and accomplishes common goals.

SFUR members continue to contribute to the stewardship of our environment:

2014 – 1628 hours

2013 – 1412 hours

2012 – 1562 hours

2011 – 1315 hours

2010 –  1810  hours

2009 – 1934 total hours

2008 –  607 total hours

Events include regular work days on UCSF’s  Mount Sutro Open Space, as well as other locations such as McLaren Park. Every place we work is unique and each has a colorful history, some going back over 100 years old.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to participate in and learn trail building and habitat restoration skills right here in San Francisco!

For more information about upcoming events, please follow our Facebook page. A regular event is organized by the Sutro Stewards, you can find their schedule at www.sutrostewards.org . Let them know you’re part of SF Urban Riders when you sign in for the day.


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