SF Urban Riders (SFUR) is a 501c3 non-profit organization as hosted by the SF Parks Alliance (SFPA). SFUR is categorized as a ‘project’ under the SFPA agreement, and therefore is piloted by a Steering Committee. This relationship allows SFUR to share common operations  such as accounting, tech infrastructure, and higher level leadership, which allows SFUR to focus on what it does best, which is advocating, fundraising and building recreational bicycle infrastructure and facilities.  SFUR is a volunteer driven organization.

SF Urban Riders’ current Steering Committee includes the following fine folks:

Dan Schneider -   Project Manager, Fundraising, Event Specialist
Tom Borden -    Community Outreach
Dustin Smith -   McLaren Bike Park Design Manager
Jason Van Horn -  Web Design & Site Manager, Trails Specialist
Heather Pugh –   Special Events Coordinator

SF Urban Riders’ current Advisors includes the following fine folks:
Joe Blanco – Project Management
Scott Bryan – Operations
Steve Schweigerdt – SFPA Staff Partner
Honoring Past Contributors:
Dayton Crites –  Founder, Steering Committee Member, Social Media & Website
Inga Beck - Steering Committee Member, Email Marketing, Social Media & Website
Mitch Monroe –  Founder, Steering Committee Member
Peter Durham -  Steering Committee Member, Logo Designer
Will Aldrich -  Steering Committee Member
Maureen Devlin -  Steering Committee Member, Community Outreach


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