Trail Bells and Etiquette

Our goal is for everyone to be able to ride bicycles on the wide range of trails in San Francisco.

Make some noise!

Access to SF’s multi-use trails means sharing trails with others. Hikers and equestrians and even cute puppies have the right of way. Always ride in control and be prepared to yield.

trailbells-pairRiding with a trail bell alerts other trails users a bicycle (or a really fast cow) is approaching. Often, with the extra warning, other trail users will concede their right of way and make it easier for you to pass. When they do make sure you thank them as they are doing you a huge favor. Regardless, it’s also always great to say “thanks!”. Good trail etiquette helps us keep and gain new trail access. Ride safe!

Donate today for trail bells

Did you get a SFUR Trail Bell? Please donate!

Thanks to the SF Parks Alliance for funding the initial run of SF Urban Riders trail bells.

How can I get a trail bell?

If you didn’t find this page by getting a bell, you can get one yourself. We’re still working out the distribution mechanism, but contact us via our Facebook page or if you’d like to get one or distribute them.

More about Trail Etiquette

IMBA developed the “Rules of the Trail” to promote responsible and courteous conduct on shared-use trails.